Happy New Year! And a happy winter 2013 meeting

Happy New Year! Detroit Locksport was still in post-holiday hibernation when the January meeting snuck up on us, so we’ll be reconvening in February with a special mission. Come help us celebrate our second anniversary as we dig into impressioning.

What exactly will we be doing? According to LockWiki, “Impressioning is a non-destructive, covert method of creating a working key for a lock without picking or disassembly. Impressioning is one of the most useful skills in locksmithing.” Clearly, this is a skill you should add to your toolkit. We’ll be showing you how to assess the internal workings of a lock and how to make a key from a plain piece of metal, all with your own bare hands. (And the help of some files). As usual, we’ll provide the materials; you just have to come use them.

Join us for this biennial security extravaganza at 8:00 on Thursday, January 7 at Omnicorp Detroit, located at 1501 Division in Eastern Market.

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