New Pick it! event this Saturday

Come on down on Saturday!

What are we doing? We’re putting on a massive introduction to locksport – everything from beginning picking and other simple bypass techniques up to high-security pin-tumbler design and defeat. Picking, raking, bumping, shimming, combination decoding… We’re going to teach you how to open some locks, and then how to do it fast, because we pick competitively. We’ll also have a few games going to familiarize you with competition picking, and there’s even a few prizes for the fastest amateur pickers!

So why are we doing this? As we pick more locks, pick them faster, teach more classes, and generally get more people picking (especially children ), we hope to bring greater attention to the embarrassingly ineffective designs the most common locks we depend on in our day-to-day lives make use of. Raising public awareness of security features and design flaws increases people’s ability to make better informed decisions about their own physical security. We hope that you’ll walk away from our classes and events not just excited about breaking into things (any schmuck with a brick can do that) but with some new knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of the security systems you choose to rely on.

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